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ezhilan kave - Sterlings Fern Hill Resorts Ooty Tamil Nadu

I love house sparrows..don't know why? may be becos, i used to see it daily in my childhood in my native village but unable to see it now in my city life. So whenever i visit Ooty, I prefer this fernhill location, as its still place for cultivation and preserves nature. My son Iniyan some time use to go and take pictures of sparrows and its nest. I suggested him to take pictures without disturbing birds and he did. I heard that house sparrows went down due to cell phone towers..Is it so? Its always nice to see birds which are part of our childhood and to show them to our children, and create some awareness to conserve nature and its species. Also I saw lot of house sparrows in the Larence School campus, Lovedale, Ooty. Its great place where still nature is preserved in its original form and responsible community. Regards..