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Jyoti Bhargava - Greenwoods City, DEF Blocks, Sector 46 Sector 46 Gurgaon Haryana

House Sparrows regularly visit a bajra tray I've hanging outside. I've experimented with a few containers to feed sparrows so the maximum grain goes to them instead of squirrels of the area but usually it's squirrels who figure out any apparatus faster than any birds do. Other than sometime in the morning, I see sparrows around 3.30 pm when they come in twos, fours and more to the bajra tray. They eat the grain in a frenzy, take momentary refuge in a shrub closeby, go back to the feeder a few times and then leave in about a minute or so. I've hung 2 new feeders bought from Nature Forever but sparrows are still to find them--even though one is right next to the open feeding tray. My residential complex has low-rise row houses and a cell tower within the complex but thankfully, they still visit us.