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Jahnavi Contractor - Jhunjhunu Jhunjhunu Rajasthan

I was just visiting for a day or two, the place we stayed was a hotel with a beautiful garden with trees, creepers, bushes. There were a large number of sparrows, it being nesting season, all were busy building nests, using dried grass, tiny green leaves etc. We saw quite a number of nests among the greens in the creepers, in small wall openings and one nest that was almost at eye level, amidst a climbing was too close to ground level and within reach of humans, i just hope that one stays strong and safe from prying humans or other prey. the sparrows feasted on flying insects, i actually saw a few sparrows, catching the insects while in flight... they are such focussed hunters!

Jahnavi Contractor - Rajmahal Road, near Khanderao market Kevdabaug Vadodara Gujarat

Sparrows were a part of my daily life when i lived in Mumbai, their chirping greeted me every morning and they even flew into our home. I miss them, there are many other smaller tiny colourful birds here, even parrots and koyals but strangely in this locality of the city, i haven't seen a single sparrow.

Jahnavi Contractor - Shivaji Park Shivaji Park Mumbai Maharashtra

Sparrows regularly nested in my home, in the ventilation.The detail story with a picture taken in 2007
in my blog entry