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Arun M K Bharos - Maharani hospital campus, Jagdalpur Jagdalpur Chhattisgarh

Loc ; Maharani Hospital Campus, Jagdalpur, Bastar, CG.

DT 10 JUNE 2012

Mr Sharad Chandra Verma, President Bastar Society for Conservation of Nature, Nayapara, Jagdalpur, reported that while he was in morning walk in this locality , in front ofMaharani Hospital campus , he saw about 1000 house sparrows perched on electricity line, ready to leave for feeding grounds.

He further states that 4 years back , in a strong storm, many trees either broke or felled, causing death of many birds, including sparrows, resulting in lesser nos of sparrows , sighted. Since then the species has recovered well, as is evident from above sighting.

Arun M K Bharos - Udanti WLS, Raipur distt Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh

Dear Bharos Sir,
Sorry for delay to provide information about the status of sparrow in Udanti area. I have surveyed status of sparrow in several areas. During the discussion peoples are realized that population of sparrow are gradually reducing. The details are depicted in following table.

Sl. no Name of town/villages No of household surveyed No of sparrow nest recorded Comments of people
1 Mainpur 25 06 Population of Sparrow are reducing
2 Jugad (Udanti WLS) 35 07 --do---
3 Nagesh (Udanti WLS) 08 02 --do--
4 Karlajhar (Udanti WLS) 12 05 --do--
5 Raipur (Ashok Vihar colony, Pandri) 09 04 ---do--

Arun M K Bharos - Ambagarh Chowki Rajnandgaon Chhattisgarh

Ambagarh Chowki & Deori small towns in Rajnandgaon distt.

Dt 23 March 1989.

1.Both these places visited and sparrows seen 40 & 30 respectively.

2. At Deori a nest in office, active.

3. Both the places and areas are not advisable for visits for security reasons.

Arun M K Bharos - Manpur & Mohala small towns in Rajnandgaon distt Mohala Chhattisgarh

Mohala & Manpur in Rajnandgaon distt.

Dt ; May 1987 to March 1990.

1. Manpur ; sparrows always present in bus stand and Ricemill area, 30/40 nos. Also nests recorded in ricemill campus.

2.Mohala ; In market / residential area sparrows always seen 30/40 nos.

3. Both these places are now not advisable for visit due to security reasons. Hence present status not known.

Arun M K Bharos - Narharpur in Kanker distt Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh

Sarona and Narharpur small towns.

Dt ; 04 Nov 1987.

1, At both the place scattered flocks of sparrows seen about 30/40 in each .

2. No nest recorded