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Lazuli Kundu - Tantkol,," Nobodiganta"Birati Abason (near Birati Railway Station) Tantkol, Madhusudhan Banerjee Road Kolkata West Bengal

According to Mrs Ratna sarkar,nearly 4-5 sparrows are seen in that locality at the time period mentioned above(2010-2012). Among them male birds are more in number than female's.She provides them food (chawl,rice,dal etc).

Nests can not be seen there.As there are big trees around.Though not many, only a few.Sparrows can not make nests into the ventilators of the houses because of modern building architecture are not conducive for sparrows.There are no ventilators at all.

According to her, there are 10-12 sparrows can be seen in the same place few years(nearly 3 or 4 yrs)back.Then there were a lot more trees.

Lazuli Kundu - "Nandannagar Market" , Tarun tirtha Club Belgharia Kolkata West Bengal

Earlier(few days back) I have mentioned that less than 5 birds are seen from my home.But recently I watch 5-6 birds in the same place.Among them female birds are more in number than male's.I should mention that I have seen a chic(female).

Nests are seen frequently.There are some nests in our house.I have seen them making nests again and again.But sadly very few(only 1 or 2) are survived.Even now there are few chic in the nests.I hear them chirping. I watch their parents bring food to them.Sometimes I provide them food.

Lazuli Kundu - residental colony Girish Avenue Kolkata West Bengal

Once I was on my way on Girish Avenue(Kolkata).While I was passing through the street,I heard the sound of chirping from a tree.I can't see anyone because the time is in evening.But there must be around 10 sparrows in that tree.

I am from kolkata("Nandannagar Market" , Tarun tirtha Club Belgharia West Bengal).I never ever see baby sparrows(male).In 2009-2010 baby sparrows(female)were seen.
But now-a-days I don't see any of the little ones.

Lazuli Kundu - Nandannagar Market, Tarun tirtha Club Belgharia Kolkata West Bengal

In 2012 very few sparrows can be seen from my house.But few years ago(2-3yrs)I saw nearly about 13-15 sparrows in the same place.I provide them food very often.There are ventilators in our house.They nest there.But very few babies are survived ,Probably lack of proteins.There are few,not much,plants in our area.The birds come to rest in our house at night.
I wish to take part in this(Citizen Sparrow)program to save these little beautiful birds.