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We lived at a house in Agraharam Street, Periyakuppam, a village near Tiruvallur Railway Station 42 K.M. from Chennai Central Railway Station on the way to Arakkonam Jn.Southern Railway. There was a sparrow nest inside our house where generations of sparrows lived/multiplied. I enjoyed this from 1st to 12th standard. Except for providing space for nest we never gave anything to them. They had plenty of food outside and even from some leftovers at our house. We enjoyed their nesting, feeding baby birds, most of the time there will be 2-3 offspring. They were plenty around the play ground where we used to grow up for 17-18 years playing. There used to be 30 to 50 sparrows flying together and sitting in 2 to 3 rows on electric wires between street light poles. Wonderful sight. This was over the period from 1963 to 1976.
Thereafter, I moved to Thayamkave, Choondal Village in Thrissur District, Kerala where too I enjoyed their chirping. There was no nest provided to sparrows in our house. Lots of trees are there in our village and I never seen its nest. I used to see between 10 to 20 sparrows in Kerala. I never saw the gathering as I saw during my childhood in Tamilnadu. This was for the period from 1977 to 2001 in Kerala.
Thereafter, I moved to Delhi and lived in Kabul Line, Delhi Cantt, New Delhi-110011. I was in a flat and there were plenty of trees all around and it was nice to see the sparrows in numbers similar to the one I saw in my childhood in Tamilnadu , and often more than 150 at sunset time gathering in a tree and many more sitting in electric wires as explained earlier. Lots of noice, wonderful sight. I saw nesting in the flats, i.e. at places behind sewer pipelines fitted outside flats.
Then I moved to a flat behind Chintamani Supermarket, Vepery, behind Veterinary College, Chennai. This site do not allow me to write more. Please allow file attachment facility so that bigger stories can be sent. even logging in is difficult.