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Prakash Garde - Mahatma Society, Kothrud, Pune. Kothrud Pune Maharashtra

The locality under reporting is a large residential area with. individual bungalows, with max three storeys. There are open plots where grass and weed grow abundantly. They have a vermiculture shed which attracts a variety of birds including sparrows. I see about a dozen or so sparrows foraging on the ground in front and around this shed.

Prakash Garde - Springfields society, Kothrud, Pune Springfields Society, Kothrud Pune Maharashtra

Earlier, sparrows were numerous but have declined in number over the years. During the period under reporting, I see sparrows on the seventh, eighth and ninth floors of my apartment building. They are nesting regularly in the canopy of the rolling shutter on the eighth floor, provided to shut off the staircase, which, however, is never pulled down. They are rarely seen foraging for food on the ground in our society premises.