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bharathi lahiri - oswal park complex Thane West Thane Maharashtra

At the beginning of 2010 I had put in my window sill up a small wooden box meant for sparrows to nest in. After a month or so a sparrow couple managed to use it as a breeding place. Being fond of photography, I recorded several video clips of the sparrows bringing hay to line the box, the feeding of the noisy chicks and even the gentle prodding of the babies by the parents to make their first flight. subsequently, after some days another couple started building a nest in the box but soon abandoned it. In fact they would peep inside the box and ten chirp agitatedly and fly away. I wondered what could be the reason. Then one evening I saw a squirrel sitting on the box. Soon it entered the box only to emerge the next morning to sun itself and then run away. Another evening I also witnessed a fight between 2 squirrels to occupy the box for the night. So the sparrows box had been taken over by homeless squirrels. A lot of birds and other arboreals like the squirrels were displaced when the trees in the Voltas compound behind my complex were cut down to make way for highrises.I am happy that I managed give shelter to some of these hapless creatures. Even now sparrows visit my garden occasionally as is evident from the chewed up hibiscus buds. I hardly get to see any hibiscus blooms in my garden but then its ok because its for a noble cause- to save the brave little sparrow from extinction.There was also a tree outside the gate which used to be a roosting place for hundreds of sparrows in the evening . I heard a lot of chirping one day and happened to look up. I dont know whether the tree still exists.