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Bhavini - Marine Drive, just a small patch towards the Nariman Point end. Nariman Point Mumbai Maharashtra

My friend and I were sitting under a tree, on Marine Drive. We were eating chane jor garam and a few of them must have fallen on the ground. A man next to us had just finished his food (he was eating poha). Out of nowhere, we saw a couple of sparrows, pecking at the poha grains! It was such a delight. Here was a concrete jungle, and in the middle of it were these chirpy, delightful birds. Lovely sight. :)

Bhavini - Lakeside, IITB. Specifically: Sarovar Udyan, trees surrounding Whitehouse building. Powai Mumbai Maharashtra

They are just so incredibly beautiful. They teach me so much. I want to help them flourish, grow, enjoy Earth like we do.