Somya Pandey - Shuturkhana Maqbool Ganj Ghasyari Mandi, Aminabad Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

During winter I used to go on my house roof and lay there for hours just to watch these beautiful sparrows. I loved watching sparrows which visited my house. I always wanted to be as close as I could to them. For that I covered myself with a bed sheet and lay still so that the birds could not notice me and come near. I lay still for hours. My mother used to scold me a lot for that. Those sparrows also used to nest in my house. I always get overwhelmed when I saw little baby sparrow leaning flying lessons.

But today, I barely see a sparrow in my house. I also did measures to rehabilitate them by planting lots of plants and keeping food for them. But I could not hear their chirping now. As barely a sparrow come to my house.