Harini - Veloo Mudaliar street, Kamaraj Road Om Sharavana Bhavan, Sivanchetti Gardens Bengaluru Karnataka 560042

I grew up in my grandparent's house, which is a old house with open space behind the house. It was there that my grandmother used to dry the wet rice spread on a long cloth and throw the kitchen waste in the nearby bin. The sparrows used to feed on them and had built their nests in one of the tiny space b/w the wooden roofs. Every evening, there was a lot of chaos with their chirping and hurrying to nests. They had lot to feed on since the small left overs like few grains of rice, dry chiilies from upma used to be strewn for them in the open place. Now, the house is still there in the same condition(I no longer live there) with my aunt staying there, but I donot see any sparrows nor they build their nests.
I really wish to see them back again!