Jatin - A small Village (Jasola Village) Jasola New Delhi Delhi

Around 2008, There were a lot of sparrows in my area.
I used to wake up by the beautiful sound of these sparrows.
I saw these sparrows almost everywhere.
On my terrace, around every tree, flying around,playing beside the roads and I also had a nest of these sparrows in my balcony at that time.
Unfortunately, I can't see them now.
Now I see them occasionally and that too less in number.
But I have come across a new thing that the number of pigeons in my area has increased very fast.
I can see around 15-20 pigeons on my terrace boundary every time.
I am fed up of these pigeons. they just excrete all the time.
I would be thankful if I can tell you anything else that you might want to know.
Thanking you.