Kalpana Thakkar - Residential Santacruz East Mumbai Maharashtra

Presently, the female sparrows are nesting in the kitchen duct. The male sparrows are chirping continously and keeping guard,the females together with their male partners used to come to my window sill for food two weeks back.One female is a little different, used to wait at the window, look at me through the glass, I think she recognised me.I observed their preparation for their nesting - flying from the ground floor and surrounding with their nesting material to above the fourth floor they even used parts of my new broom. Their dedication to this process is just beautiful .They are safe in the duct now,I am eagerly waiting to see them and their babies. There are two regular families, they have smartly shooed the pigeons away from this floor.Besides these, I see at least more than a dozen sparrows in the immediate vicinity