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Q1. Name of locality or area you are reporting aboutMathru Layout
Rough Address/AreaMathru Layout
Location Latitude13.09768867
Location Longitude77.57550049
Q3. What time period are you reporting about?2000-2004
Q4. What kind of general area are you reporting about?City (outskirts)
Q5. What kind of locality is/was this in the time period chosen above?New residential development
Q6. Roughly how large is the locality/area from which you are reporting sparrows?Less than 100 metres across (eg, a few houses or shops)
Q7. How well do/did you know this place in the time period chosen above?I lived there
Q8. How frequently did you see House Sparrows in the time period and locality/area chosen above?Always: I saw sparrows every day
Q9. When you did see House Sparrows in this time period and locality/area, how many did you typically see?A large number: When I saw sparrows, there were usually between 30 and 100 birds
Q10. If House Sparrows are/were present in this time period and locality/area, did you observe active nests?Nests seen frequently
Q11. Would you like to share a story about House Sparrows from this time period?Well they were out daily guests at home. I have a fairly large number with active nest I remember to see at least 2-3 generations of sparrows. This was mainly between 1999-2006. From 2003 we started to observer the decline in number. I remember we used to(naturally) switch off the fans when they entered the house. The layout then was not thickly populated when we lived there. before the layout was formed there used to lot of Vultures too. As the layout progressed with lot of houses and cutting down of bushes led to disappearance of Sparrows in this layout. I have seen a lot of sparrows in Melbourne city. so I honestly doubt its because of GSM radiation its mainly because of disappearance of bushes and shrubs in the city. Even today when I go to my village I do get to see a lot of sparrows( Shapur,Kolar, Karnataka). These days everybody is after money especially the real estate builders. Disappearance of sparrows is mainly due to urbanization,disappearance of bushes and shrubs and pollution
Q12. What kind of buildings are/were present during this time period in this locality?
Q13. Please describe this locality/area in your words.
Q14. Does or did anyone feed sparrows in this locality/area, or put out nestboxes?
Q15. If this is an agricultural area, what are the main crops grown?
Q16. How much green space exists/existed in this locality?
Q17. If you have seen sparrow nests, where were they?
Q18. When did mobile phone coverage arrive at this locality?