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Q1. Name of locality or area you are reporting about A small Village (Jasola Village)
Rough Address/AreaJasola
City/DistrictNew Delhi
Location Latitude28.54784775
Location Longitude77.29209137
Q3. What time period are you reporting about?2010-2012
Q4. What kind of general area are you reporting about?Village
Q5. What kind of locality is/was this in the time period chosen above?Other
Q6. Roughly how large is the locality/area from which you are reporting sparrows?100-500 metres across (eg, a market, bus-stand or park)
Q7. How well do/did you know this place in the time period chosen above?I lived there
Q8. How frequently did you see House Sparrows in the time period and locality/area chosen above?Rarely: I saw sparrows only a few times in many months or a year
Q9. When you did see House Sparrows in this time period and locality/area, how many did you typically see?A fair number: When I saw sparrows, there were usually between 5 and 30 birds
Q10. If House Sparrows are/were present in this time period and locality/area, did you observe active nests?Sparrows observed but no nests seen
Q11. Would you like to share a story about House Sparrows from this time period?Around 2008, There were a lot of sparrows in my area. I used to wake up by the beautiful sound of these sparrows. I saw these sparrows almost everywhere. On my terrace, around every tree, flying around,playing beside the roads and I also had a nest of these sparrows in my balcony at that time. Unfortunately, I can't see them now. Now I see them occasionally and that too less in number. But I have come across a new thing that the number of pigeons in my area has increased very fast. I can see around 15-20 pigeons on my terrace boundary every time. I am fed up of these pigeons. they just excrete all the time. I would be thankful if I can tell you anything else that you might want to know. Thanking you.
Q12. What kind of buildings are/were present during this time period in this locality?
Q13. Please describe this locality/area in your words.
Q14. Does or did anyone feed sparrows in this locality/area, or put out nestboxes?
Q15. If this is an agricultural area, what are the main crops grown?
Q16. How much green space exists/existed in this locality?
Q17. If you have seen sparrow nests, where were they?
Q18. When did mobile phone coverage arrive at this locality?