Summary Report

A summary of results is now available! Based on over 10,000 reports from across the country and from different years, some patterns are clear. Sparrow occurrence is reported to be lower at present than in the past, and this is consistent across the country. Sparrow occurrence is lower in cities compared with towns and villages, and this is again consistent in different parts of the country. Still, there is large variation in the occurrence of sparrows from city to city. For example, sparrows are reported to be widespread in Mumbai and Coimbatore, but are missing in most localities in Bangalore and Chennai, while Delhi is intermediate.

You can download a summary of results as a single page poster. If you would like a printed copy of the poster, simply email your full postal address to

Summary report (printable version): If you wish to print the poster by yourself download the high resolution (1.8MB) poster and get it printed. The poster can be put up on your wall or notice board.