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NameJohn Dominic
ProfessionResearch scholar
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Tell us more about yourselfI am a PhD student in polymer sciences. I consider myself as greatest pet lover. I believe in freedom to live, and these birds are living on this planet and has got every equal right to survive. I rescued and treated many injured animals and I have even saved the life of pangolin lizard and have given shelter to him in my room and fed him until he became normal and recovered, later I handled him to the forest officers. I have educated my neighbors about these sparrows which are getting extinct and we have allowed the thorny bushes to grow and we do not cut them... The thorny bushy trees have grown and became a habitat to these sparrows, I have seen the population rising once again and I am very happy to listen to their chirps once again. I once feared that I could no more listen to their chirps, but with all the support of our neighbors we brought back the age of sparrows once again... I love these little birds and I will never allow them to get extinct...
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